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SLAMP sanitizing table lamp PURITYCAPSULE with UV-C technology (White - -)

SLAMP sanitizing table lamp PURITYCAPSULE with UV-C technology


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Brand: SLAMP
Version: White
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PurityCapsule Slamp is the first design device using UV-C technology to eliminate until 99,99% of Sars-Cov2 virus and bacteria, as noted by the tests carried out by the Molecular Medicine and Development of the University in Siena.

PurityCapsule sanitizes all the objects included in it after only 30 seconds. At the end of the process, Capsule switches off automatically. A security system disables the process instantly if the top dome is rigged or lifted during the use.

The silver metallized dome is treated with a paint blocking UV-C rays leakage, by eliminating the photobiological risk.

(254nm) UV-C technology has been tested by the scientific and technical department of the University in Siena; in 30 seconds, UV-C light is able to destroy until 99,99% of Sars-Cov2 virus (Coronavirus Covid19) and bacteria among the most resistant like Staphilococco Aereus, Salmonella and Escherichia Coli (included by the WHO in the Global List of the most dangerous bacteria in the world).

Designed by Slamp Style Department, PurityCapsule is patented for the design and the technological innovation used in the Dome metallization.

PurityCapsule by Slamp is the first of UV-C rays sanitisation device whose functioning is visible to the naked eye. When the germicidal lamp is running, Capsule emits a diffused blue light.

The silver metallized dome is treated with a paint blocking UV-C rays leakage, by eliminating the photobiological risk.

Within the PurityCapsule there are the housings for the objects having the shapes of corals of reflective silver colour like all the inside of the dome.

The base (available both in white and black, with matched handle) is equipped with a courtesy light in the outer part, that can be switched on regardless of the sanitation cycles, for a decorative effect on the top.

UV-C (254 NM) TECHNOLOGY, 11W 2G7 Bulb - 8.000 CYCLES

Slamp Purity Capsule

Great safety with


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