ELICA induction hob with recycling hood NIKOLATESLA SWITCH

ELICA induction hob with recycling hood NIKOLATESLA SWITCHELICA induction hob with recycling hood NIKOLATESLA SWITCHELICA induction hob with recycling hood NIKOLATESLA SWITCHELICA induction hob with recycling hood NIKOLATESLA SWITCHELICA induction hob with recycling hood NIKOLATESLA SWITCH

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Brand: ELICA
Designer: Fabrizio Crisà
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Change your point of view on the kitchen. Nikolatesla Switch Elica unites the perfection and the design of a hob with the innovative technology of a powerful yet incredibly quiet hood.

Through the use of innovative technology, the NikolaTesla Switch extractor hob allows precise cooking, improved air quality, ease of use and cleaning, silent functioning and energy efficiency.

Extremely clean lines give life to a truly exclusive appliance, NikolaTesla Switch, a concentrate of design and technology through which Elica has revolutionised the daily cooking experience. A return to the origins with a simple induction hob, featuring continuous surfaces and a display that becomes completely invisible in stand-by mode. The extraction area is cleverly hidden by a glass and cast iron ring, characterising the product without clashing with the other elements.

The two NikolaTesla Switch versions in white or black ceramic glass can be finished with either polished steel or cast iron details. By rotating the central flap by 360°, the exterior finish can be changed and the ideal combination for each kitchen can be selected. Available in both a filtration and extractor version.

In the filtering version, NikolaTesla Switch is equipped with everything you are likely to need for installation, including the exclusive chrome-plated profile that finishes the cutout in the plinth for the air outlet. Thanks to the special components provided by Elica, installation is even possible in kitchens where the plinth is only 60 mm high.

Size 83 x 51x 21 cm
Version Recycling
Finish black glass, white glass
Controls 8S+2B Direct Slider
Booster airflow 536 m3/h
Suction speed 5,1 m/s
Noise level 64 db(A)
Total absorption 160 W
Duct size 150 mm
Model not subject to compulsory energy certification.
Grease aluminium filter included
Ceramic filter included KIT0120952

Absorption 7,4 KW
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 220 - 240 V
zone number 4 (2,1 - 3 kW) - 210x190 mm
Bridge zone 2
POWER LIMITATION (3,1 KW - 4,5 KW - 7,4 KW)

  • Potente


    Capture fumes and odors in record time

    Suction power of 620 m³/h Fume capturing speed 5.1 m/s
  • Silenzioso


    Enjoy relaxed conversation even while you are cooking

    At maximum power, only 60 db (A) Well below any intrusive acoustic threshold
  • Facile da usare

    Easy to use

    Adjusts at a touch

    NikolaTesla Switch has five direct slider controls that let you adjust the cooking zones and suction with a simple gesture. It also comes with Elica’s Intelligent System technology which can automatically decrease the suction power as the odors and fumes are eliminated.
  • Facile da pulire

    Easy to clean

    Cleaning has never been so simple

    Remove the centrally located grease filter and clean in a dishwasher, then wipe clean the interior. A conveniently located valve allows the easy draining of any significant spillages. The completely smooth surface of NikolaTesla Switch is an elegant design element, which also helps to speed up and simplify cleaning.
  • Facile da pulire


    The high performance ceramic filters can be extracted directly from above

    They have an active life of 5 years and can be regenerated in the oven
  • Airmatic


    NikolaTesla Switch smart sensor technology is able to recognize fume quality and type of cooking.

    It is completely automatic and able to set by itself the most suitable extraction power.

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White Glass

€ 3.050,00 Discount 30.5%


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Black Glass

€ 3.050,00 Discount 30.5%


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