ELICA induction hob with duct-out hood NIKOLATESLA

ELICA induction hob with duct-out hood NIKOLATESLAELICA induction hob with duct-out hood NIKOLATESLAELICA induction hob with duct-out hood NIKOLATESLAELICA induction hob with duct-out hood NIKOLATESLAELICA induction hob with duct-out hood NIKOLATESLAELICA induction hob with duct-out hood NIKOLATESLA

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Brand: ELICA
Designer: Fabrizio Crisà
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NikolaTesla is Elica's first aspirating induction hob equipped with the most advanced technologies with distinctive design, characterized by strong lines and high quality material, combining the functions of two appliances into one single product.

It has all the advantages of induction hobs, such as rapid cooking and easy cleaning. However, Elica added specific technologies, like the double bridge function that allows for two adjacent cooking zones to combine, so that large sized pots can be used.

The aspirating system, positioned in the central zone, reaches high performance levels, in terms of fume extraction, noise level and energy efficiency (class A+). Thanks to the direct communication with the hob, it is able to receive information from the cooking zones, and automatically calibrates the ideal aspiration level, so that the user only needs to worry about cooking, while at the same time reducing energy consumption.

The command is 10 speed touch control, that allows you to adjust both the hob and the aspirating zone. Available in both aspirating and filtering version, the hob was thought up for any type of space, and thanks to a series of accessories, it can meet any installation need.

Available in standard version or in HP version, with additional features available for the cooking zones (High Performance: 4 cooking zones 2,1 - 3,7 KW 18X20 cm, 2 BRIDGE ZONE). NikolaTesla is Snap ready, that is connectable with SNAP, Elica's aspiration system that automatically monitors and improves air quality.

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