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SOLDI DESIGN container for recycling OVETTO Galà varnished (Bright aluminium varnished - ABS and polypropylene)

SOLDI DESIGN container for recycling OVETTO Galà varnished

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Designer: Gianluca Soldi
Version: Bright aluminium varnished
Material: ABS and polypropylene
Delivery: 4-5 days if available (+info)
Availability: To order
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The collection plays a major role in integrated waste management system in that it permits on the one hand, reducing the flow to start the disposal and, to influence positively the entire management system. To make sure they are properly disposed of and recycled must be kept separated depending on the type of material they are made. The interior architect and designer Gianluca Soldi has always been sensitive to the environment and person, has designed and implemented an object which would serve to separate collection at home in order to educate people to dispose of the waste for them, therefore, recycle.
Capacity of containers: 18 litres each. Normal pouches of 25/30 litres.

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